Born from a family's quest for a healthier life

Our essence is to work with pure and truly organic ingredients.

Who We Are

In the organic products market since 1996, Econatura is located in Garibaldi, in Serra Gaúcha – the most traditional wine and grape juice producing region in Brazil – and is dedicated exclusively to the elaboration of organic products.

It was one of the pioneers in the elaboration of Integral Organic Grape Juice in Brazil, consolidating the Uva’Só brand for its distinctive flavor and quality.

Seeking to make the most of the organic raw material, the Uva’Só line is made with grapes of the Bordô variety, cultivated by small families of producers certified by Ecocert Brasil.

In order to expand all the possibilities of exploring even more products and raw materials, Econatura™ launched its new brand in 2019: Organovita.

Born from the search for an even healthier and more sustainable life, the Organovita line seeks to bring differentiated quality products from organic productions, prepared with all the affection, care and wisdom that our organic family has been improving since 1996.

With all the raw material originating from family farming, the company is an eco-factory and adopts sustainable practices in all stages of the product preparation processes.

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